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What is Workers Compensation and How Does it Work?

If you or someone close to you has been injured on the job, it must be reported within 30 days to be eligible for workers’ compensation. Most employers are required by law to make provision for employee injury by paying for workers’ compensation insurance in order to cover employee medical care expenses and partial payment of wages.

However, some employers are not required to have workers’ compensation by Missouri law. These include:

  • Employers of farm laborers
  • Employers of domestic servants
  • Employers of occasional laborers in a private home (i.e. a handyman)
  • Some non-profit volunteer workers

This compensation is paid in exchange for the employee’s agreement not to sue the company for damages.

In order to qualify for workers’ compensation, you must prove:

  • You are an employee of a company that has workers’ comp insurance
  • You were injured on the job, as the result of work-related duties.
  • You were not being negligent or ignoring safety protocols at the time of the accident

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You may find yourself in a situation where your employer is being evasive or unhelpful despite your meeting the above qualifications. If this is the case, Pettit Law Office wants to help you avoid losing your rightful benefits.

An employer who willfully refuses to provide Workers’ Comp insurance is committing a Class A misdemeanor that makes them liable for three times the employee’s original claim or $50,000. Don’t let an employer discourage you from collecting your legal rights.

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Being put out of work by an injury is always difficult and stressful. Having that injury happen at work is especially so if your employer is not cooperating with your needs. Let Pettit Law Office help you understand your options and navigate the legal system during your recovery! Our highly experienced accident lawyers believe strongly in treating our clients with compassion while advocating forcefully for their rights in the courts.

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