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Probate Lawyers in Aurora

Are You Dealing With a Loved One’s Affairs?

When a loved one dies, it can be a very complicated time for their relatives. Not only must loved ones cope with their loss on an emotional level, but they must also deal with the deceased’s legal and financial affairs during probate. Doing so can be made easier, though, by hiring a competent attorney to guide a family through the probate process.

Our attorneys at Pettit Law Office are experienced legal advocates who can represent executors and personal representatives of someone’s estate during probate. We can also address the interests of loved ones who are concerned with an executor or personal representative’s handling of a loved one’s estate.

 Regardless of your need for legal service, our probate lawyers in Aurora can be the dedicated legal representatives you need during this important and sensitive time.

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What Is Probate?

Probate law can be very complicated, which is why it’s advisable to seek legal counsel in any probate matter. Probate is derived from a Latin word that means “to prove,” which refers to the validation of the deceased’s will. This must be done before anything else concerning the estate can be done – if no will is found or a will is invalidated with no backup, a personal representative is assigned to represent the estate. Intestacy laws then determine who the deceased’s legal heirs are and how they will inherit property.

If there is a will, however, its validation is the first step toward the administration of the testator’s estate, which involves a variety of legal and financial matters.

What Happens During Estate Administration?

The bulk of the probate process is the administration of a testator’s estate. This requires the executor named in the will to perform a variety of important duties.

If you are an executor, you are required to do the following to handle the testator’s estate:

  • Filing the will and petitioning the probate court
  • Collecting and inventorying estate assets
  • Notifying the testator’s creditors and heirs
  • Filing and paying the estate tax
  • Filing and paying the testator’s income taxes
  • Paying any valid claims made by the testator’s creditors
  • Distributing remaining assets among heirs, according to the testator’s instructions
  • Filing a final account and closing the estate

Executors also have a fiduciary duty to heirs, which means that they can incur personal liability for any mistakes or misdeeds involving estate property.

This is why having representation from our probate lawyers in Aurora can be more important than you might realize: Not only can we help you carry out important estate administration duties, but our lawyers can ensure that your exposure to liability is minimized.

We Can Help With Probate Litigation

Sometimes probate matters lead to disputes that require litigation to resolve. These often arise when there is doubt about the will’s authenticity or concerns about an executor’s handling of estate property.

Whether you need help bringing a claim to light or defending yourself against such accusations, Pettit Law Office can provide the legal representation you need.

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If you need help with any matter involving probate, our probate lawyers in Aurora are ready to assist. With decades of experience, we’re confident that our legal team’s efforts can help any client with their probate issue.

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