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If you lost your case at trial because of a legal error, you don’t have to accept the consequences without a fight. When an unjust outcome is reached in the trial courts, there is an opportunity to elevate the matter and appeal to a higher court for review. Having an experienced appellate lawyer is vital to achieving your goals in an appeal.

Pettit Law Office’s attorneys have decades of experience, which means we have the knowledge, skills, and resources it takes to handle any appeal. We understand that when the outcome of a trial is affected by improper procedure or a violation of the law, our clients count on us to help them make things right.

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What Make a Legal Appeal Different?

An appellate attorney’s job is much different than your trial attorney’s was – our role is to investigate your trial and uncover any legal errors that occurred that played a role in your adverse outcome.

Appealing a trial court’s decision is a much different process than how the trial court reached that decision. There is no jury or evidence, and instead of one judge there is a panel of three judges – these are just a few of a litany of differences.

It’s important to note that the facts or evidence introduced in your trial will not be evaluated by the appellate court. Rather, the judges’ collective role in this process is to examine a petitioner’s claim that a legal error substantially contributed to the outcome of the trial. 

This means that although arguments can be conducted before the judges, much of the appeals process is done in writing and by crafting legal arguments backed by extensive case law research.

Petitioners are often those who lost their case, but they can even be those who succeeded and are upset with the result (such as a plaintiff who won very little in damages).

What Are the Possible Outcomes of an Appeal?

The scope of what can happen as a result of an appeal is relatively narrow – so much so that there are really only three possible outcomes:

  • The appellate court will affirm the trial court’s decision.
  • The appellate court will reverse the trial court’s decision.
  • The appellate court will order a new trial or hold a new sentencing hearing (in a criminal matter).

Whether you wish to appeal the outcome of your trial or must respond to the losing side’s appeal in a civil matter, our capable appellate attorneys in Aurora at Pettit Law Office can assist you!

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